(Ryan is recovering from a liver biopsy and ultrasound, after liver failure from Wilson's disease. His blood work has been increasingly worsening in the last six months. Hoping liver is not in rejection... Ryan received a liver transplant September 2011)
DEC feedback for Ryan from his mother:
Update on Ryan....his liver function tests have normalized!!
On the way home, I talked with the coordinator at the Cleveland Clinic. All the numbers were better with some still needing to improve but it appears that it's all turning around. The medications are causing some very severe side effects but the doctors will look at them when they can decrease the medications.
Frank and I had Ryan on speaker phone and it was wonderful to breathe relief together... and before the conversations was over, Frank had Ryan laughing...
What a blessing today has been... and I couldn't wait to share the news with all of you!

Ryan's mother, Austin, TX, (healing)