Thanks to DEC and all your love and healing thoughts. It worked.
For a little feedback:
I literally could feel the love, and I often felt specific people. I had a similar chest pain episode about 10 years ago. My cath got delayed, My sweetheart Margie called TMI, I could sense people surrounding me in the room. At my cath (through the femoral artery in the groin) Dr. T.S. found my cardiac vessels entirely normal, despite my prior heart enzyme elevation and abnormal EKG. He was greatly puzzled, as I had multiple risk factors, "and should have some narrowing in my arteries".
4 years later I was doing a lecture on CAM therapies, unaware Dr. T.S. was in the audience, when I discussed the Dolphin Energy Club help I received that day. He came up afterwards to say "so your out of town friends was the reason your cath was normal". Yes. So I lucked out and got Dr. T.S. again (on his day off, bless him). He checked to see I had invited all of you, and smiled when I said yes.
First good news, he did my cath through my right wrist radial artery - it is way more comfortable and faster healing then the groin. Not many cardiologists are able to do it. For those unaware, it usually takes 1 hour to put in a stent. He put two stents in in 19 minutes skin to skin. He said it was the easiest cath he had ever done! My nasty looking EKG went back to entirely normal after stenting, with a totally normal cardiac echo after stenting. I have you all to thank, for your love and healing helped to restore my life.

B.D. (Kent, NY), (healing)